Early 1900 Gold Plated Silver Cloisonné Enamel Locket of Art Déco Russia

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We are delighted to offer this opulent, colorful ornamented classic Imperial Russian style, double-sided pendant locket (almost 1 1/2 inches high by 1 inch wide). It swivels open to reveal a locket compartment with the original backing insert. It is made with Polychromatic cloisonne enamel over gold plated silver and features an array of floral and foliate motifs embedded within beaded borders of white 'cloisons' that vibrantly accent the inner gold and silver tones.

The locket has several hallmarks including the KOKOSHNIK MARKS with 84 which dates it from 1908 - 1926 and defines the silver quality. The Russian standard for silver was based on ' zolotnik '. Originally, a zolotnik represented a 1/96 of a pound and Converting the Russian marks to sterling values, gives the silver purity degree of 84 zol. = 875/1000, so just below the current Sterling Silver rating. The enamel is unfortunately obscuring part of the hallmark so it is difficult to establish the Townmark.

The locket does not have a closing mechanism, but there are no signs of any elements missing so it is thought that top ring may have been of a tighter fit and that this is not the original.

It is truly impressive workmanship and would undoubtedly make an excellent collection piece, and make a wonderful standout historic accessory to a very special occasion.

Please note that with vintage items, a few signs of age are unavoidable. All items have been lovingly restored to get them as close to their former glory as possible. Any imperfections will be visible in the product images. I will always be 100% transparent as I want each and every customer to be fully satisfied with their purchase.


The ethos behind Vintage Love is to reuse and up-cycle old and broken jewellery or utilise surplus materials. I am very passionate about reducing waste materials and want to try to move away from the current trend of fast-fashion and throwing away after a single use.

The majority of materials are sourced through charity organisations, and this not only guarantees that no item will ever be exactly the same but also allows me to support charities and do my small part to reduce waste.

Most of the designs are my own and inspired from my Danish heritage along with my love for vintage styles, with some vintage products having been restored and some being completely new but made from surplus materials.

All chains are either restored sterling silver or new stainless steel and all earring hooks are new sterling silver unless otherwise described