Gift Guide by Profile

Posted by Trine Charlton on 29th Apr 2022

Gift Guide by Profile

Finding a gift for a specific person seems to get harder every year. With so many options available to you, it can be difficult to narrow it down to something the person actually wants. At Vintage Love, we have a wide selection of gifts for absolutely everybody! Here are some simple gift ideas if you’re feeling stuck.

Gifts for Mum

It’s no secret that Mums love jewellery, but this can make it a struggle to pinpoint exactly what type to get her. Personally, I would recommend 925 Silver for that extra bit of luxury and class at an affordable price. Our restored Sterling Silver is timeless and classy. Specifically, I would recommend a necklace for Mum as this is the perfect way to get her something, quite literally, close to her heart.

Gifts for Dad

All Dads seem to get these days is socks and smellies. Of course, this will keep him happy for another year but why not get him something he truly appreciates? Rings are becoming a fashionable way for men to accessorise. I would recommend a good ol’ chunky silver ring for Dad for that extra confidence boost he didn’t know he needed.

Gifts for Grandma

Vintage jewellery is making a huge come back in recent years, but Grandma has always been on this trend. Some styles just never truly leave! Vintage is in our name, and we offer lots of beautifully old items. For Grandma, I would especially recommend our selection of brooches. We have something for every budget but if you want to splash out, we have a few Sterling Silver brooches on offer as well.

Gifts for Teen

As I said, vintage jewellery has come full circle back into fashion so we might just be the perfect place to get your teen a gift. You can’t go wrong with our range of quirky, handmade, upcycled earrings with vintage touches mixed with modern designs. If you’re looking for something a little more safe, try our studs instead!

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