Project Caravan

Posted by Trine Charlton on 9th May 2022

Project Caravan

After having my parents’ caravan stolen recently and accepting the heart-breaking reality that I might not get it back, I have decided to take on a new caravan and restore it to become my glorious new home on the road! Last week, I bought this lovely 1997 Swift Classic Coronette and I plan on giving it the love it needs to get it looking new again! Also, I wanted to share the restoration journey with the internet because having this caravan will be an essential part of running my business.

The pictures above were taken before I began working on the caravan. As you can see, there’s a bit of rot coming through that I knew I needed to fix. So, it’s time to make a big mess! Rather than just paint over the problem and hope I can forget it’s there; I’m going to strip out all the dry rot and replace the damaged areas. These areas include the front and side window frames. The walls will be relined and insulated.

The rot had completely destroyed a lot of the wood inside the walls but interestingly enough, it was all bone dry. I’m hoping this means the leak has since been sealed and there hasn’t been water getting in for a while. I will of course check the seals, but fingers crossed!

Once the walls are all sound and sealed, decorating can begin! At the moment, the interior is very... well, 1990s. I plan on giving it a new lick of white paint, replacing the tired green carpet with wood lino and adding some vintage-look sage green tiles. The whole aesthetic will be a retro-styled, white and sage homely feel. I can’t wait to get cracking with this!

Follow along the journey with me. I’ll be posting updates on all of my socials and of course, here.

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