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Handmade faux black suede boho lasso necklace with glass heart, Scolecite and Hematite gemstones

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Handmade faux black suede long Boho wrap / lasso / lariat or tie with black and white heart shaped glass pendant, matching glass beads, a large white Scolecite gen stone and a tassel made from tiny Hematite gemstones

Long Boho faux suede necklace that can be worn in many combinations. Apart from the large glass heart the star of this necklace is the Scolecite stone which is cut in an rounded rectangular shape of 1cm on all sides and about 1.5cm tall.

The full length of the whole necklace stretched out is approx 60".

The ethos behind VintageLoveByTrine is to reuse and up-cycle old and broken costume jewellery and team with vintage pieces. I am very passionate about reducing waste materials and want to try to move away from the current trend of throwing away after a single use.

The majority of scrap jewellery, fabrics, leather and haberdashery is sourced through local charity shops, not only does this guarantee that no item will ever be exactly the same but allows me to support charities and do my small part to reduce waste.

All the designs are my own and inspired from my Danish heritage along with my love for vintage styles.