About Us

Hi, I'm Trine and I'm the founder of Vintage Love!


My passion for antiques originated in a little market town in Denmark, Mariager, where I grew up in the 1970's. I'd spend time after school helping my mum, Birgit, in her antiques and jewellery shop (fittingly named 'Birgit') which not only sparked my love for antiques and vintage and the unique history behind each item but also the enjoyment of engagement with customers.


Today, my business is still deeply inspired by Danish culture and of course, my mum, who I sadly lost late last year.

Although I spent some times working in a variety of shops when younger my career path took off in a different direction. It was only after I fell ill after 25 years in the 'corporate world' that my life opened up to different opportunities.


In 2018 when I inherited an old worn pearl brooch that had belonged to my great grandmother I decided to restore and then redesign it into the centerpiece of a necklace, as I felt it was a nice way to remember my Great Gran and preserve the piece.. I received so many compliments from friends and family; I even had people asking me to create similar things for them. 


The idea for my earth-conscious leather pieces came about when I was replacing an old leather sofa, I felt so much quality leather was going to waste. From this, I decided to make my first leather bag.


So before I knew it, Vintage Love was born!

I now source large crates of broken and tangled jewellery and accessories that are destined for landfills as well as buying large lots of house clearance jewellery from charities such as The Air Ambulance Service. You can frequently find me rummaging through charity shops for vintage pieces, fabrics and any other things I can possibly turn into jewellery or handbags!


All jewellery that I acquire, from whichever source, is either lovingly restored back to it's original glory, incorporated into a new design or broken down to individual components, cleaned up and then I let the imagination free with completely unique designs.


Remnants from leather sofa manufacturers, leather that will otherwise just go to waste, now contributes to a steady stream of handbags, purses, and leather-backed notebooks.


I am also very fortunate to receive a number of donations from customers who entrust me with some of their own heirlooms and I can’t think of anything more exciting than a unique piece of jewellery that has an entire lifetime of history to tell.

My love for the unusual and quirky combined with my passion for repurposing and upcycling, has lead to hundreds of one-off unique items that make use of existing materials instead of bringing more things into the world unnecessarily.


I can now be found at markets all across the North West and soon further afield as well, and many say they can hear me before they see me; which I can safely say is something I have inherited from my mum. Customers always came to her shop for a chat and there was nothing she loved more and even after she retired she still carried on doing markets around Denmark right until she fell ill just so she could meet and talk to her customers and the last thing I promised her was that I would keep 'Trading and Talking' on her behalf for many years to come and that is what I will do!!