Big Changes

Posted by Trine Charlton on 5th Sep 2022

Big Changes

Sorry it's been a while... I left you all hanging saying there were changes afoot, and I wasn't planning on leaving it this long to update you...but it's been a tad busy.

So let start with Connie...did I get a bathroom on time?... well yes I did and I looove it! 

So after a lot of hard work it was off to another series of events including the Lancashire show, Nantwich show, Anglesey show and the Retro Fest in Newbury (in a heatwave!). They were all amazing events in their own right but also provided some learning curves and challenges, but overall they gave me lots of new friend and experiences that I wouldn't have been without.


And what about the bigger changes? Well I have had a few very difficult years personally and I really needed a change. I hadn't worked so hard on Connie just for the festivals, although she was essential for those, but also because she was to become my permanent home. 

We are told all through our lives how we are expected to live to make us happy; career, money, family, house, car, latest tv etc. etc... but for me it only brought unhappiness and depression. I was longing for a simpler life, less stress and also a life that was more in line with my business ethos of leaving a smaller footprint on the planet, recycling and self-sufficiency.

So I made the decision to leave my partner of 9 years, give most of my belongings to charity and head for the open road. This was not an easy decision at all as it meant leaving my older teenage children behind, but after much soul searching I realised that you can only be a good mum if you are happy in yourself.

This was only made possible thanks to you, my loyal customers, who have made it possible for me to make a full time living out of Vintage Love and I honestly can't thank you enough.

So what does this mean for Vintage Love I hear you ask?

Well firstly I have to apologise that it has meant some delays in orders and repairs whilst I have been undergoing these changes, but I am slowly getting there and nearly back to normal on that front.

You will also have noticed that I have been absent from social media for a little while...I have struggled with internet connectivity in a lot of the places where I have stayed, but this has now been sorted with the investment of a little Wi-fi gizmo-gadget that works off my solar-panel and I am now back online and talking to you all again.

Otherwise it means that I will have a further reach in terms of markets and festivals, but my roots will still be firmly planted in the North West as this is where it all started, where my children are and where some of my oldest and most favoured markets are situated.

So stay tuned for updates about new products, events and life on the road via my blog and social media updates!

Finally, a big thank you to Charlotte who worked with me for nearly a year but has now left for a career in the Police. I would not have managed all these months without you telling me when to eat, what day of the week it was, where I was supposed to be and just generally kept me sane!! I am a bit concerned how I will cope without you on the road....but I do know that you will make an amazing officer xx

See you all soon. Trine xx