Caravan Update 2 - One Week to Go!

Posted by Trine Charlton on 23rd May 2022

Caravan Update 2 - One Week to Go!

Last weekend I was busy at Nottingham County Show, so I didn’t get the chance to give you all a caravan update. So, with just over a week until Connie needs to be in tip-top shape, I’ve gotten a lot of jobs done… but there’s still a long way to go.

In the last blog, I was pulling out all the dry rot. Now, I am happy to say the walls have been insulated and replaced fully! All new window frames and panels.

Now, I can crack on with the parts I feel more qualified to do: making her look pretty! At the moment, the interior is very dull and very beige. I want to transform the inside into a vintage-style, sage green living area where I can relax after markets but also do some work if need be. I have put up some strips of wallpaper and since decided I will be painting over it as it doesn’t look quite right on it’s own. However it should keep the wooden panels underneath nice and dry.

As you can see I have already taken out the green carpet. Luckily, the floor underneath is in great condition so it’s all ready for the new lino tiles when they arrive.

Currently, I’m in the middle of painting the cabinets white (with help from the cats of course) so I have stripped Connie of her cabinet doors for now. I have some lovely black vintage door handles on the way to replace the old wooden ones.

I’ll keep you all updated on progress now as it’s moving fast in the last week before my crazy June diary!

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